Custom made Dragons Just for You!

To order, simply email me at  

Please put "Dragon" in the subject line. 

Many of these dragons have been sold, but I can make you one in the same colors and pose or I can make you a custom dragon with colors of your choosing and a new pose.  Each dragon ships Priority Mail with tracking and insurance.

Seasonal Dragons. Made customer for each order. Dragons with pumpkins, dragons with snowmen, dragons with wreaths. Each Seasonal Dragon includes a battery operated tea light. Dragons pictured here are $40 plus $15 shipping and handling. 


the dragon making a cozy winter nest. Gold Metallic dragon with translucent wings. 

Winter lighting really doesn't show her shimmer sparkle and detail.

She measures approximately 5.5 inches wide x 4.5 inches deep and 4 inches tall  

$60 plus $20 shipping and handling.


the dragon admiring the water lily in purple and pink. 

Her wings are translucent and she measures 6.5x4.5x4.5  

$60 plus $15 shipping and handling.

Dice Dragons

Request one of these or a custom one.

Pictured: Spiced Dragon, Blue Spark, Green Spark

Spiced Dragon is $35 with $10 shipping

Blue and Green Spark are $30 with $10 shipping. 

Includes D20 die. 


The "Don't touch my treasure" dragon in red, gold, and black. Pictures don't do him justice. 

He measures 6.5 long x 4 deep x 5 tall.

WithOUT dice: $75

With D&D set of dice $80

$15 shipping and handling, priority mail with tracking and insurance.


Designed to hold a set of D&D dice in orange and black.

He measures 5 long, 4 deep, 4 high.

Without dice: $45

With dice $50

$15 Shipping and handling, Priority mail with tracking and insurance


Resting dragon (or is she) in green and gold

She measures 6 long, 5 wide and 4 tall

Without Dice $45

With Dice $50

$15 shipping and handling, priority with tracking and insurance

Solar Flare

The playing dragon in yellow, orange and red. I've also done him in red and teal.

Approximately 4 by 4 by 3

$35 plus $12 shipping and handling


The little pale green and gold dragon holding her prize Unakite bead

She measures about 3.5 long and high.  

$30 plus $10 shipping


The little palm sized dragon in dark green and silver

$25 plus $10 shipping and handling


The little palm sized dragon in dark blue and gold

$25 plus $10 shipping and handling